Fading Tattoo

How to keep your tattoo from fading.

As the saying goes – “A tattoo lasts forever” but a tattoo doesn’t always last forever.

If you’ve had your tattoo for a few years, you may have noticed that it doesn’t look as fresh and as impressive as it once did. This is because it has probably faded to some extent.

While most tattoos will fade somewhat over time, some will fade much more than others due to a variety of factors.
The main reason that the tattoo fades is that it is not moisturized enough and as a result the skin dries out and the tattoo loses its original vibrancy.

AFTER INK COLOR PROTECTION CREAM by SKINTATTOOCARE is specially formulated to penetrate the 2nd layer of the skin, where the ink is located, and replenish the essential oils of the ink that are gradually absorbed by the body. When these oils are lost, the ink gradually breaks down and the tattoo fades. At the same time, it keeps the skin hydrated so that it does not need to turn to the oily ingredients of the ink to nourish itself.

Sometimes a tattoo will fade simply because of the range of colours used, this is usually the case with a white ink tattoo.
If your tattoo has faded and you want to know why, or if you’re just trying to prevent your tattoo from fading first, then read on.

Can the colored tattoo fade?

While all tattoos fade, color tattoos will definitely fade faster if you don’t take care of them from the beginning with AFTER INK COLOR PROTECTION CREAM by SKINTATTOOCARE. Light colours will generally fade faster than darker colours, with white ink being the one that usually fades faster than all colours.

Watercolor and pastel tattoos generally fade much faster than others due to the fact that the technique generally requires much lighter and more sensitive coloring. However, colored inks have improved significantly in recent years, and these improvements help prevent tattoos from fading as much as they would have a decade ago.

Can black and grey tattoos fade?

Just like colored tattoos, black and gray tattoos will also fade over time if you don’t make sure to use special products that moisturize your skin and maintain the consistency of the ink like AFTER INK COLOR PROTECTION CREAM by SKINTATTOOCARE. Understanding how tattoos work will help you understand why the ink is not always permanent.

While darker tattoos made with black ink are generally more durable and tend to stand the test of time better than coloured tattoos, they can still be particularly vulnerable if not placed on the skin in the right way, i.e. too light or not deep enough.
Again, like color tattoos, the ingredients used in black ink have improved significantly in recent years, helping to preserve the tattoo.

Fading Tattoo

What are the main reasons for tattoo fading?

While there are many factors that can contribute to tattoo fading, there are some factors that are much more common than others when it comes to their effectiveness in fading tattoos faster. These include:

The point of the body where the tattoo is done
There are various places on the body where tattoos will generally fade much faster than other areas.
Any areas of the body that are normally rubbed on other parts of the body will generally be places where the tattoo will fade more quickly. This includes places such as between the fingers and the lips.
Similarly, if you tattoo an area that usually rubs against anything else (such as tight clothing, for example), that tattoo will generally fade at a faster rate. Tattoos over the legs are a great example here. Constant rubbing between the feet and socks/shoes will cause, over time, the tattoo to slowly fade until it begins to become noticeably visible.
Finally, tattoos around areas that are heavily affected by weight loss and weight gain may show signs of fading if extreme weight fluctuations occur.
Ink Quality
As mentioned above, ink quality will definitely contribute to either the longevity or the slow breakdown of your tattoo. If the tattoo ink is made from low quality components or if it is diluted too much by an artist, it usually won’t last as long as high quality, highly concentrated ink.
The needle should also be inserted into the right layer of skin to give your tattoo the best chance of looking good for as long as possible. Don’t be afraid to do your research on inks before you get your tattoo, and sometimes it’s useful to ask the artist what ink they plan to use to investigate whether it’s high enough quality for your preferences.
Also, you should know that the lighter the ink, the faster it will fade. So, if you want a tattoo to look as much like the design you want as possible, choose a design that uses a lot of dark colours.
Finally, remember that the colour of the ink also matters when it comes to how quickly your tattoo will fade. If you choose light colours such as pinks and yellows, expect your tattoo to fade much faster than darker shades of other colours.
If your tattoo contains a lot of detail, don’t be surprised if it gradually disappears much faster than other areas of the tattoo.
The Sun
The Sun is the undisputed champion of tattoo fading. Nothing will fade and blur a tattoo as badly as the sun if you’re not careful enough when you go outside.
It doesn’t take much for the invisible UV rays to penetrate the skin and dissolve the ink. Not only that, but sunburn is also a big enemy for all tattoos. Every time your skin burns, it will die and shed/peel at a much faster rate, which in most cases will mean that the lower layers of skin will also be damaged and destroy some of the ink held within those deeper layers of skin.
On a new tattoo, you should try to avoid the Sun completely for the first 2-3 weeks. Regular sunscreens contain harsh chemicals that will irritate the sensitive skin around your new tattoo and therefore you shouldn’t use any of them because they won’t protect your tattoo. Try to keep your tattoo covered with clothes while you’re outside.
Once your tattoo is completely finished exfoliating and peeling, then you should use a special sunscreen such as TATTOO SUNSCREEN SPF 50+ by SKINTATTOOCARE to ensure that your tattoo is protected from the full spectrum of UV rays.
This broad spectrum sunscreen has all the features needed not only to protect your tattoo amazingly well, but also to help you keep it bright and vibrant. It has 6 powerful filters, has a protection index of 50+ and is waterproof and sweatproof for 4 hours.